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Little OPERA will continue to develop a project about the Chevalier de Saint-Georges, also known as Joseph Bologne..

Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges lived, performed, composed and fought during the French Revolution. Born in Guadeloupe, he was the son of a French Plantation owner and an African slave. With his father he moved to Paris, where he was educated. He eventually found himself in the court of Marie Antoinette and the rebel circle surrounding the Duke D’Orleans.

In July 2014, little OPERA presented excerpts from some of his operatic writing at Socrates Sculpture Park. Focusing on his opera L’Amant Anonyme, [1780] new arrangements for piano trio were created especially for the free outdoor performance given in the park. The story tells of of a lover who is afraid to reveal his true identity to the object of his affections.

One of the arias from L’Amant Anonyme was next presented at LPR as part of the New York Opera Alliance’s launch event in November 2013.

This coming May  work on L’Amant Anonyme will continue as more of the music is researched, presented and arranged into an original opera theatre presentation.


Featuring         Jennifer Moore, Robert Balonek 

Adaptation       Philip Shneidman

Music Director  Richard Cordova

Art Director      Sanford Biggers