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LIBERTÉ, EGALITÉ, et FRATERNITÉ at Socrates Sculpture Park

MAKE BELIEVE at Socrates Sculpture Park

Those with an interest in the more remote pieces of the operatic repertoire should keep their eye on the little OPERA Theatre of NY.

                                 - Paul Hansen,  212 City Arts


Howard Singerman on the little OPERA Theatre OF NY’s production of The Mother of us All

                                 - ARTFORUM


Socrates' outdoor opera, organized by the little OPERA Theatre of NY, featured Manhattan as a backdrop and drew more than 300 people.

                               - Theresa Juva, Queens Tribune


The little OPERA Theatre of NY, an emerging group that has staged productions of works by Mozart, Handel and Virgil Thomson in alternative venues

                                - Russell Platt, The New Yorker


On Thu 11, I’ll head over to Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens for the little OPERA Theatre of NY’s The Bohemians.

                                - Staff Pick by Amelia Koethen, Time Out NY