"It would have taken a hurricane to keep us from hearing some of our favorite young singers make musical sense out of Carlisle Floyd's work. We had enjoyed a double feature of his operas last season and had loved the way they were staged and performed by LOTNY."

-- Meche Kroop, Voce di meche

Press for L'Amant Anonyme

“We feel grateful to LOTNY for bringing this previously unheard composer to our attention.”

-- Meche Kroop, Voce di meche

“The grace of [Saint-Georges'] work (this is his only surviving opera!) and the passion with with The Little Opera Theatre of NY brings it to the stage, should send audiences home floating on a blissful cloud.”
-- Jose Solis, StageBuddy

"More complex than your usual opera comique."
 -- John Rockwell, Opera UK

Press for Carlisle Floyd’s Slow Dusk & Markheim

“a lovely evening of American opera and a celebration of Carlisle Floyd’s music — a rewarding and ambitious offering from The Little Opera Theatre of New York.”
-- Arlo McKinnon, OPERA NEWS

“Little Opera Theater presents an ambitious and rewarding Carlisle Floyd double-bill…sublime and extraordinary”
-- George Grella, The New York Classical Review

“What a wonderful evening of theater. Two short American operas, narratives set to dramatic music, superbly performed. One leaves thrilled and elated.”
-- Yvonne Korshak, Let’s Talk Off-Broadway

“The Little Opera double-bill is given in a small theater by young and able singers, the type whose voices flower in the space.”
-- John Yohalem, Parterre Box

“Carlisle Floyd One-Acts as Opera Magnets”
-- David Finkle, Huffington Post

Press for Opportunity Makes the Thief

Opportunity Makes the Thief proved a nice example of the kind of lively and enlightening contribution an “off-off-Broadway” company can make to New York's operatic life”
-- David Shengold, Opera News

“Compact in size but by no means slight”
-- George Loomis, Opera UK

“The show sparkles”
-- David Brown, Taminophile

Press for The Reformed Drunkard

“Kudos to the little OPERA theatre of ny”
-- Steve Smith, The NY Times

"Innocently appealing"
-- John Rockwell, Opera UK

 FEATURES & Earlier Reviews 

"The aptly named Little Opera Theater has won attention for inventive productions of small-scaled works."
-- Anthony Tommasini, The NY Times

"A delicate balance of grandeur and intimacy"
-- The New York Times

"the perfectly named little OPERA Theater of NY"
-- WQXR - Operavore