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TRAVELERS : The Wandering Scholar & Sāvitri

Operas by Gustav Holst

The Wandering Scholar is an amusing story about a young wife, a priest, a traveling scholar; and what the husband finds when he returns home. 

Sāvitri  is taken from the episode from the Mahābhārata. It is the mythic tale of love to the lover, the child to the mother, the song to the singer, a wife to her husband.

Gustav Holst (1874-1934) a British composer most famous for his orchestral score The Planets left a much larger musical legacy. Travelers presents 2 of his 11 operas.  The Wandering Scholar, is based on a book by Helen Waddell, and has a libretto by Clifford Bax. Benjamin Britten and Imogen Holst edited and created the chamber performance edition after the composer's death. Sāvitri, features a libretto by the composer. Gustav Holst translated the story from Sanskrit himself, and the opera became a model for chamber opera in the 20th century.