"Long overdue…a world-class production."
-- Brian Taylor, Cadenza

“A gripping theatrical experience.”
-- Rick Peridan, Seen and Heard International

“The finest work I’ve seen and heard from this laudable organization. Everyone seemed sure of Owen’s merits and committed to communicating them; I can’t imagine a better case being made for the piece.”
-- Patrick Dillon

“A memorable and impressive evening with a strong message.”
-- Victor Gluck, Theater Scene


"Superlative...indelible excellent and irrefutable case for programming this rare work."
-- Steven Jude Tietjen, Opera News

"Beautifully satisfying...a superbly smart and affecting production."
-- Christopher Corwin, Parterre Box


"Well made, simple, and stylish...Prince of Players tells its story vividly and compactly, while fleshing out characters who win your sympathy...I will not soon forget the audience's ovation."
-- Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

"Lovely, sophisticated, and fun...Carlisle Floyd deploys his expansive talents with wicked surety and infectious accomplished, committed cast and crew led by Philip Shneidman present his latest creation with colorful vision and glowing talent."
-- Jon Sobel, Blog Critics

"Shows off singers at their best...Delightful, impressive, affecting."
-- Bruce Hodges, New York Classical Review


"It would have taken a hurricane to keep us from hearing some of our favorite young singers make musical sense out of Carlisle Floyd's work. We had enjoyed a double feature of his operas last season and had loved the way they were staged and performed by LOTNY."
-- Meche Kroop, Voce di meche

Press for L'Amant Anonyme

“We feel grateful to LOTNY for bringing this previously unheard composer to our attention.”
--Meche Kroop, Voce di meche

“The grace of [Saint-Georges'] work (this is his only surviving opera!) and the passion with with The Little Opera Theatre of NY brings it to the stage, should send audiences home floating on a blissful cloud.”
--Jose Solis, StageBuddy

"More complex than your usual opera comique."
John Rockwell, Opera UK

Press for Carlisle Floyd’s Slow Dusk & Markheim

“a lovely evening of American opera and a celebration of Carlisle Floyd’s music — a rewarding and ambitious offering from The Little Opera Theatre of New York.”
--Arlo McKinnon, OPERA NEWS

“Little Opera Theater presents an ambitious and rewarding Carlisle Floyd double-bill…sublime and extraordinary”
--George Grella, The New York Classical Review

“What a wonderful evening of theater. Two short American operas, narratives set to dramatic music, superbly performed. One leaves thrilled and elated.”
--Yvonne Korshak, Let’s Talk Off-Broadway

“The Little Opera double-bill is given in a small theater by young and able singers, the type whose voices flower in the space.”
--John Yohalem, Parterre Box

“Carlisle Floyd One-Acts as Opera Magnets”
--David Finkle, Huffington Post

Press for Opportunity Makes the Thief

Opportunity Makes the Thief proved a nice example of the kind of lively and enlightening contribution an “off-off-Broadway” company can make to New York's operatic life”
--David Shengold, Opera News

“Compact in size but by no means slight”
--George Loomis, Opera UK

“The show sparkles”
--David Brown, Taminophile

Press for The Reformed Drunkard

“Kudos to the little OPERA theatre of ny”
--Steve Smith, The NY Times

"Innocently appealing"
-- John Rockwell, Opera UK

FEATURES & Earlier Reviews

"The aptly named Little Opera Theater has won attention for inventive productions of small-scaled works."
-- Anthony Tommasini, The NY Times

"A delicate balance of grandeur and intimacy"
-- The New York Times

"the perfectly named little OPERA Theater of NY"
-- WQXR - Operavore

Earlier Press