MOTHER OF US ALL Production Credits



Susan B. Anthony  Michelle Serrano Möritz

Gertrude Stein   Mechelle Tippets

Anne/Constance Fletcher   Melissa Gerstein

Virgil Thomson/Henry B.   Dennis Blackwell

Daniel Webster   Michael Chadwick

Jo, the loiterer/Anthony Comstock  David Root

Chris, the citizen/Gloster   Chistopher Schaljo

Angel Moore/Lillian Russell   Yeonjune Suh

Henrietta M./Isabel Wentworth  Suzanne Levine

John Adams/Andrew Johnson  Matthew Peña



Stage Director  Philip Shneidman

Music Director & Pianist  Catherine Miller

Art Director  Sherrie Levine

Videography  Andy Abernathy, John Eason

Assistant to Ms. Levine  Sofia LeWitt

Video Installation  Dale Cihi /VideoFilm Systems

Projectionist  Paul Demps

Video Utility  Lawrence Wells

Stage Manager  Sean Leanardo